Lessons for Associations from the COVID-19 Crisis

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About the Author

Belinda Moore has spent over 25 years working with associations and other non-profits around Australia and New Zealand. She specialises in strategic planning, membership, and revenue generation.

Belinda runs strategic planning workshops and facilitates training for associations looking to make a positive impact on their members, the association, and other stakeholders.

She is also a frequent presenter who is known for her enthusiastic and engaging style. Revealing insights from her professional experiences, she ensures participants walk away with practical ideas and insights they can immediately apply.

Belinda has written three white papers “Rise”, “Association Apocalypse”, and “Membership is Dead?”. She writes the “Association Annie” comic strips and has written four books: “The Membership Machine”, “Membership Fundamentals”, “The Membership Managers’ Handbook”, and “Association Annie: Herding Cats”.

Belinda works at Strategic Membership Solutions, an organisation that provides strategic planning, sponsorship, and membership support for associations.

About this Report:

As the COVID-19 crisis began to hit, my phone and email were running hot with association professionals wanting to know how others were managing the rapidly evolving situation.

As people dealt with the immediate issues and then began to look at preparing for the longer-term impact, it became clear that evidence to support planning and decision making was required. It was because of this the research project was instigated.

An awesome group of association CEOs, including Andrew Gosbell, Richard Stokes, Antony Nicholas, Kym De Britt, Marianne Kintzel, Lindsay McGrath, Julia Cambage, and Peter Saffin, provided invaluable input to ensure the project produced useful insights (thanks so much to you all).

As those of you who completed the survey discovered, this did result in a rather long survey.

We received 600 responses which, after validating, represented 426 associations and 11 suppliers. I was delighted to see that most people answered the majority of questions which enabled us to attain a deep insight into the current situation and future expectations of respondents.

Many thanks to NT Business Events for supporting this research and to the team at Optimum Contact for making the calls. And a massive thanks to everyone who took the time to participate. It was truly appreciated. I hope you find this report a useful resource. Happy reading!

Warm regards,

Belinda Moore

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